Terrapin Farms

Our Story

Terrapin Farms is deeply rooted in its rich agricultural history and passion for local, sustainable farming. As a fifth generation Worcester County farmer, Johnny Harrison and wife Ashley have built Terrapin Farms from what was once a distant dream into what is now a tangible reality. Along with the help of their Greenhouse Manager, Matt Smith, and Greenhouse Hands, Richard Lehman and Otto Grundman, the Terrapin Farms team built three, 96-foot greenhouses in an effort to bring a sustainable, organic, hydroponic farm to the Eastern Shore of Maryland.

Over the years, Johnny has fostered and deepened his passion for farming, coupling it with a love for cooking. As a Culinary Institute of America Alumni, Johnny maintains a strong knowledge of culinary arts, which gave rise to his sincere interest in helping local restaurants order and prepare food using quality, local ingredients. After spending time in the Catskills, with Johnny managing a hydroponic store and Ashley managing a high-end jewelry studio, the couple decided to move back to their hometown in Worcester County, Maryland to make roots of their own. In May 2015, after countless hours of research and hard work, Terrapin Farms was born…along with a 6th generation Harrison farmer!

In addition to hand selecting the best seeds that will yield a tasty plate of edible art, the Terrapin Farms team goes the extra mile to be sustainable and organic in all facets of the daily operations. Harvesting rainwater while maintaining zero run-off, utilizing a sustainable outdoor wood furnace for heat and relying on their solar panel array to meet all their electrical needs. Currently, the team is undergoing the process of becoming GAP (Good Agricultural Practices) Certified and USDA Certified Organic. Through sourcing only OMRI (Organic Materials Review Institute) listed inputs, using organic soil, and planting organic heirloom varieties they ensure the highest quality product with the smallest carbon footprint possible.

Johnny, Ashley, and the Terrapin Farms team plan to keep growing the Terrapin Farms brand and family farm with each passing year continuing the deep-rooted tradition of Harrison family farming. Currently, Terrapin Farms helps local restaurants cook with a quality, local product, while providing local customers with fresh greens and produce by way of the area farmers markets. As Terrapin Farms continues to grow and evolve, Johnny and Ashley look forward to providing the Eastern Shore with local, organic, and sustainable produce, herbs, microgreens, lettuce varieties and edible flowers, all grown hydroponically and with organic soil.

What we grow


Living Lettuce & Mixes
Organic Hydroponic Lettuce Varieties: Bibb-Romaine Hybrid Red Oak Leaf Green Oak Leaf Red Romaine Butterhead

Micro Greens

Living & Cut
We offer and ever changing assortment of microgreens. Including Radish, Cilantro, & Amaranth.

Edible Flowers

Cut Garnish
Add edible elegance to your plate with empress of India nasturtiums & our Birdland Violas

Herbs & Specialty Greens

Mixes & Cut varieties
Growing culinary staples including Rosemary, Thyme, Sage, Basil, Oregano, & more. Specialty Greens include Kale, Purple Pac Choi, Tatsoi & more

The Extra Mile

Hydroponics & Sustainability

Events, Restaurants & Local Markets